Saturday, February 27, 2010

ENG 240 Class

I have learned so much in the past four weeks of taking this class. The most important thing I learned was how to write a good argumentative paper. I learned how to write a summary of an essay/article in my own words and analyze it for strengths and weaknesses. I learned about wordiness, different types of claims, providing effective support, and recognizing warrants. When we wrote our exploratory drafts, I was able to write what I knew and thought about my topic, and it helped me see what I still needed to research. It was a good way to get started on my paper. In the Orwell essay, I learned what to avoid in writing and how to use language that is easy to understand. I learned how to research my topic and write an annotated bibliography. I learned about euphemisms, inductive and deductive arguments, fallacies, and plagiarism. I learned more about APA documentation and format.

My performance in this class definitely exceeded my expectations. My writing has improved tremendously, and I have gotten better at summarizing in my own words. I usually disliked writing because I thought that I was a bad writer, but this class has really helped me gain more confidence in writing. I tried my best, and I did better than I thought I would in this class.

If I were taking this class again, I would manage my time better in getting my assignments completed, especially during the last half of the class. I could have started on my assignments earlier instead of doing them on the day it was due. That way I would not have to cram everything and spend so much time on them. I would also do better evaluating essays for weaknesses because almost every essay can be improved. I learned that from the teacher. I would do my annotated bibliography, summary critiques, and exploratory draft the same way because I felt that I did a good job on them.

I think I have earned an "A" in this class because in the past four weeks, I have tried my best in writing, and my grade so far reflects that. I also made the necessary changes/additions to my final paper after reading students' and the teacher's feedback. Of course, there is always room for improvement, but I think I did a good job overall. This class has been a great learning experience for me and has helped me become a better writer.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


MLK's "Letter" would work as a blog entry in this day and age because blogging is a way of communicating and sharing your thoughts and feelings. King was speaking about the racial injustices towards black people and fighting for their freedom without using violence. People can read blogs and make comments about their own experiences or feelings on the topic. Blogs can reach many people, and MLK was a very powerful speaker and influential leader, so many people would be followers of his blog. Blogging is like keeping a diary of all your thoughts or providing news on a particular subject.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Week 2

My impressions of citations and documentation style are that it's very complicated. There's so many rules for each source. It's also very time-consuming. I'm used to MLA format because it's easier for me. It doesn't require a title page, an abstract, or headings. I'm familiar with both APA and MLA formats but I like using the MLA format. Documentation is very important to research because it's considered plaigiarism if you don't give credit to the original author. Documenting research in the body of the paper is easy because all you have to put is the author's last name and the year of publication in parentheses. On the Works Cited page, it's more difficult, and I always have to look up how to document each source. There are many resources available to help with that including the textbook, The Little, Brown Essential Handbook, and many different websites. The websites and are helpful resources. It just takes time to get used to different documentation styles.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Writing Experiences From Week 1

First of all, I'm just glad the first week of this class is over! I did all of my assignments and I think I did a good job. The summary critique was a good experience for me because I learned how to summarize in my own words what the author was trying to express in the argument. It helped me be objective in pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of the argument.

The research project is on a topic that I have a very strong opinion on: divorce and how it affects men and women. I've seen so many people that I know that are divorced and they seem bitter and lonely on the inside but they try not to show it. I can't wait to do more research on divorce to see why this is so and if it confirms my beliefs on it.

The writing assessment was a great opportunity to put my best writing efforts into action and see how I can improve. It was my first blog and I think I can get used to blogging! It's kind of fun to just write about anything that comes to mind because it means something to you.

The exploratory draft was a great way to think about my topic and write down what I know and what I need to learn. I like how the format of this assignment was to answer 5 questions in at least 5 paragraphs. It's a good starting point and a way to practice my paragraph writing skills.

The discussions were great for posting your thoughts and answers to the questions and also responding to other students. It's interesting to see what other students have written and it gives you ideas and different insights. It really helped my critical thinking and communication skills.

The only thing that was awkward in week 1 of this class was responding to our peer group's exploratory drafts because I was a little uncomfortable making suggestions and posting feedback on their papers. I didn't want to sound like I was insulting or disagreeing with their arguments. I felt like I didn't have the authority to do that. Other than that, everything was great!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why I Chose the Business Administration Program

I chose the Business Administration with a concentration in Accountancy program because I wanted to acquire knowledge in many aspects of business, but also concentrate on Accounting because I have a strong interest in that field. In high school, I took an Accounting class as an elective, and I did very well in it. I actually enjoyed it. That was when I knew that I wanted to become an Accountant. When I went to Heald College, I chose the Business Software Applications program instead of the Accounting program because I didn't want to narrow my career opportunities to just one field. All of my credits from Heald transferred to the Business Administration program at National University. I think this program is a good program to be in because it will assist me in my business career, and I can apply the skills that I've learned in different business situations.

When I was looking at the Business Administration program at National University, I was very interested in all the business courses that were required such as Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Management, Business Knowledge Management, Production and Operations Management, and Management Science. I liked that the program offered a MBA because having a MBA is a very prestigious designation. With a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, I will have more job opportunities in the fields of business that will lead to obtaining a job that pays well. It will give me the skills I need to get where I want to be in the future.

I think the Business Administration program is an exciting program to be in because you learn the different aspects of business, and you can choose which one you are most interested in specializing in. I chose the concentration in Accountancy because I'm analytical, detail-oriented, and good with numbers. I wanted to learn more about Accounting and also learn the business side of things. I have a strong inclination for Accounting, and I can be sure of creating financial stability as an Accountant.

Monday, February 1, 2010

First time blogging

Hello, my name is Analissa, but you can just call me "Lisa." This is my first time blogging! What do people use this for?